Two Years of N26 – a Long-term Review

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It’s been now 2 years that I am using a German N26 free online bank account, and since it is by far the most popular from all the free German bank accounts presented in this blog, I thought I will give it a long-term review.

💳 6 Free German Bank Accounts Compared

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Are you paying fees for your bank account? Fees for money withdrawal on foreign ATMs? Fee for a credit card? Here I’ll give you an overview of free bank accounts and how to open a bank account in Germany – no matter if you are a German or a foreigner.

Get Hired: 4 Tips to Increase Your Chances

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Living cheaply is not only cutting your expenses, it can also mean increasing your income. 😉 In this guest article, hiring expert Jenni Juvonen gives you some basic tips how to increase your chances for getting hired for entry-level jobs.

🌍 International Parties with

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Going out in Berlin – nothing easier than that: There’s a tremendous offer of clubs and parties. But what are the nice ones, especially for international people? Here I will tell you about Internations, a social network for expats that also comes with a lot of events and parties.

💡 9 Sources of Free Advice in Berlin

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Living in Berlin, you can not only get free furniture or free bank accounts but also free advice. Be it about renting, welfare, German language or where to go out, here comes a list of various sources – Number 2 helped me a lot.

Unblock Music on Youtube and Other Sites

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You’ve maybe already come along this screen on Youtube, stopping you from watching some popular music song. Or you wanted to watch a TV stream from your home country but their website said that you are in the wrong country. Here I’ll show you some simple methods how you can listen and watch anyway.