Summer is slowly coming back to Berlin, so not only bike sharing comes back as a comfortable transport option – but also scooter sharing. See here a short comparison of the two services Emmy and Coup, and get free minutes with a coupon.

In Berlin, there are two main companies that offer instant sharing of electric scooters: Emmy and Coup. Both come with an app on which you register with your smartphone. Requirements:

  • a driving license
    • for a car or motorcycle
    • that is valid in Germany
  • an ID or passport
  • a credit card or bank account that allows direct debit (get a free German bank account here)
  • minimum age: 18 years

You will then also need to upload scans or photos of your ID and driving license. Plus add a payment method.

But then you can go: Find the closest scooter on the map within the app, book it and start your ride.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Emmy’s and Coup’s pricing and other details, plus coupons for free rides. If you want to know more about the actual user experience, read the detailed review of Jon Worth. (It’s outdated regarding pricing, though, so for current check the table below.)

Minumum ride / price:none2.10 € / 10 minutes
Riding per minute:0.23 €0.21 €
Minute packages:available when logged in on website:

  • 200 mins for 0.21 € / min (42 €)
  • 500 mins for 0.19 € / min (95 €)
  • 100 mins for 0.20 € / min (19.90 €)
  • 200 mins for 0.19 € / min (37.90 €)
  • 500 mins for 0.18 € / min (89.90 €)
Break time:0.13 €0.21 € (like riding)
Maximum price:29 € for whole day25.20 € for whole day (=stops counting after 120 minutes, until 24 hours are full)
Registration fee:10 €,
incl. 50 minutes, valid for 6 months
Payment methodscredit card,
direct debit (SEPA-Lastschrift)
credit card
monthly feenonenone
Scooter type(s)Schwalbe, Nova, Torrot, EmcoGogoro Series 1
provided helmets21
Max speed45 km/h45 km/h
Number of scooters in Berlin8001500
rental areaS-Bahn ring (roughly)
+ parts of Lichtenberg, Wedding, Friedenau
S-Bahn ring (roughly)
+ some outer parts of Wedding, Prenzlauer Berg
leaving allowed?Yes for both, but must be returned within area. So make sure to have enough battery for the return trip!
Get a free ride:none at the moment πŸ™3x 10 minutes
Before first ride: After registration and confirmation of you documents go to menu ➑ Redeem a code: REF-E6DE-6CM1
Website and apps:EmmyCoup

Comparison of Scooter Sharing in Berlin

(In case the free ride codes stopped working, please leave a comment!)

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