Settled in Germany and your EU roaming is about to expire? Time to get a German prepaid card! But no worries, there a free ones with no minimum contract term. Just check this comparison table.

Prepaid SIM cards are especially good for people who in the future might be out of the country for a longer time during home visits, or who don’t know how long they will stay – like probably many expats.

The table* below compares mobile phone tariffs without any fixed costs and where the SIM card is (effectively) free: Some may cost an initial fee but you receive the same amount (or even more) as credit.

Comparison table


Important terms that you find in the table:

Netzanbieternetwork provider
Tarife vergleichenCompare tariffs
Telefonphone (rate for call per minute)
Laufzeit(contract) term
monatlich(costs) per month
einmaligone-time (costs)
Gutschriftencredit (that you receive on purchase)

Which network to choose

Some hints for reading the table:

You might see a lot of offers from different companies but when it comes to the actual networks, there are only three ones in Germany:

  • Telekom
  • Vodafone
  • O2 / Telefonica

You can filter by these in the first line above the table. And at every offer, you can see the network just right beside the offer’s name.

It is said that you get the best voice quality and converage with Telekom, followed Vodafone. With O2, while the 4G/LTE availability is pretty good enoguh, voice quality is sometimes really low.

My Tip: Congstar

Too many options? If you can decide then I’d recommend Congstar. I’ve used it myself and I was pretty happy with their voice quality, as they use the Telekom network, plus they had transparent tariffs. Also their support via chat on their website was realiably available.

Questions to the tariffs? Leave me a comment below!

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