Car Sharing – Rent for 0.10€/minute

Owning a car in Berlin? You don’t need to – since there are so many car sharing companies: Sixt, Car2go, DriveNow, We-Share, Oply, Ubeeqoo, Drivy. See here an overview and comparison of their cheap offers.

Living in Berlin nearly all my life, I’ve never owned a car, already because Berlin’s public transport system is fairly cheap and functional. And with the rise of all those sharing companies for scooters, electric scooters and now also cars, there is even less reason to get your own vehicle.

Especially because the market of instant car sharing is just being created, and therefore many companies offer bargain prices to just get more customers registered on their apps.

How does car sharing work in general?

First, you need to download the app of the company. In the app, you register then by adding

  • your personal data (date of birth, address)
  • a payment method (mostly needed: a credit card – see here a list of free German credit cards)
  • and then most importantly: your driving license.

The driving license usually needs to be validated by a video call with your smartphone, where you talk to clerk and hold your driving license next to your face.

Berlin car sharing offers compared

Share Now*We-Share*Sixt*Miles Mobility*Getaround*
Car typespassenger, vanspassengerpassenger, vans, truckspassenger, vansall (small, vans, even campers)
Renting fromcompanycompanycompanycompanyprivate
Pricing perminuteminuteminutekilometerday
Prices in free plan from0.19€ / min0.29€ / min0.09€ / min0.89€ / km +
1€ unlock
~20€ / day
Gear typemanual, automaticautomaticmanual, automaticCategories S,M: automatic, L: manualmanual, automatic
Fuel typegasoline, electricelectricgasoline, electricgasolinegasoline, electric
Bonus / coupon value€5 after validation€10 with link below€60 with link below€5 after registration + €10 with coupon€15 for the first booking
CouponT3BQCXJHDownload the app with this link (works only on mobile)in the link belowg59DQHWwin the link below
Sign up:Share Now*We-Share*Sixt*Miles Mobility*Getaround*

Most interesting offers

Getaround: Best day rates, also for bigger cars

Getaround is the only app in this list that lets you rent from private people. So instead of offering their own cars, they let car owners create a profile of their car and put it on their app as an offer.

This is why they mostly operate with day rates – and also, why they have very cheap ones, compared to all the others.

In the link, there’s a voucher giving you 15€ for your first ride:


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