You’ve maybe already come along this screen on Youtube, stopping you from watching some popular music song. Or you wanted to watch a TV stream from your home country but their website said that you are in the wrong country. Here I’ll show you some simple methods how you can listen and watch anyway.

Unfortunately, this video is not available in your country because it could contain music, for which we could not agree on conditions of use with GEMA

If you want to understand more what’s going on, read this Wikipedia article about Blocking of YouTube videos in Germany. What you need to know for solving the problem: You must make Youtube believe that you are not surfing from Germany.

And more generally speaking, we can also solve other problems related to this so-called Geo-blocking – see point 2.

1. Install Proxtube (free)

This is quickest and cheapest solution for Youtube videos: Proxtube is an extension for Firefox or Chrome. After installing, when you browse to a blocked video, it will automatically reload the page – but now through a proxy server outside Germany. The effect is: Youtube thinks you are not in Germany anymore, and shows you the video.


2. Get a VPN Account (paid)

The same principle works with an account at a VPN service: Instead of going on the internet and “directly” connecting to your browsed website, you first connect to a VPN server of your service, and then to the website.

And that VPN server can be in any other place: Most VPN services offer servers from 26 up to even 141 different countries!

So for instance, if you want to watch a live stream from Spanish TV but they only show it to viewers within Spain – with a VPN service you can pretend that you “are” in Spain.

Here is a list of some VPN services and the countries they offer:

servers offered inmonthly price from
Private Internet Access*au, br, ca, ch, de, fr, hk, ie, il, it, jp, mx, nl, nz, ro, ru, se, sg, tr, uk, us$3.33
NordVPN*at, au, br, ca, ch, cl, de, es, fr, hk, il, is, it, jp, lt, nl, no, nz, pl, ro, ru, se, sg, uk, us, za$4.00
PureVPN*141 countries…$4.16

Side effect: Your connection is always encrypted, thus it is much safer to use it on open wifi networks, like in coffee shops for instance.

3. Listen to Music on (free)

VK, short for vKontakte, is something like the Russian Facebook: You can set up a profile and connect with friends etc. – but their big bonus is: All users can upload their music and video files – and all others can listen to it or watch it! (Yes, seriously.)

So in effect, offers probably the same music collection as Spotify. Just try it:

  • Register an account,
  • click then on “My music” in the left sidebar
  • and search for some super-rare song (not in the top search bar, but the one a bit down, below the music player).

I bet they’ll have it!

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