For a mobile prepaid phone plan for expats, I currently recommend: Vodafone CallYa Allnet. It comes with:

  • English interface and customer support
  • Free eSIM registration. You only pay when you top up your account.
  • Valid for 28 days. Afterwards, you can continue, switch to another plan, or pause. (The annual plan runs for 12 months and cannot be paused during that time).
  • Uses Germany’s D2 network, with fairly good coverage
  • EU roaming without extra fees. Works even in the UK.

The plan starts from €9.99 per 4 weeks, offering:

  • 6 GB of data
  • Unlimited calls and texts in Germany
  • 200 minutes or text messages to EU countries

Other plans with more data are available, too.

Summing up, it’s a good starting option upon arriving in Germany. Since there’s no contract term, you can easily switch to another provider if this one doesn’t meet your needs. You can even keep your number when moving to a new provider.

Go to Vodafone CallYa*

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