Moved into a flat with gas heating? Then you need to make a contract with a gas provider – here’s a comparison tool, updated regularly. And a list of estimated consumptions by apartment size.

A gas heater and two types of controllers: If you have these in your apartment, you need a gas supplier.
A gas heater and two types of controllers: If you have these in your apartment, you need a gas supplier.

So you finally could find an apartment, congrats! Now come all the contracts for electricity and internet that you need to make to have it warm, lighted and wrapped in a WiFi cloud.

And regarding heating, you might need a gas company. It depends on how your apartment is heated:

  • If it’s heated by central heating (Zentralheizung, Fernwärme), you can stop reading here because you need no gas supplier then. You will pay the costs for heating (and warm water) as part of the monthly rent (Warmmiete) to your landlord.
  • If it’s heated by a gas heater, you need to find a gas supplier. This is the case when for instance one room contains such a central controller, and if either in the kitchen or the bathroom you see such a gas heater

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How to find a cheap gas supplier

First, you need to estimate how much gas you will probably consume per year. Based on your estimation your monthly prepayments to your gas provider will be calculated.

At the end of the year, your actual consumption will be read from your gas meter and you will receive a bill. If your prepayments were too low, you will need to make an additional payment, otherwise you will get money back.

Estimate your gas consumption

How much gas you consume depends on several factors:

  • Is the gas used only for heating of the apartment, or also for warm water? You can check this if the gas heater switches on every time you use warm water.
  • How big is your apartment?

Based on these factors, look at the table below to find your probable consumption:

apartment sizeno water heatingincl. water heating
(per m²145 kWh160 kWh)
30 m²4350 kWh4800 kWh
50 m²7250 kWh8000 kWh
70 m²10150 kWh11200 kWh
90 m²13050 kWh14400 kWh
110 m²15950 kWh17600 kWh

Find the best gas company

Enter your estimated consumption in the form below (at Verbrauch), and then click on neu berechnen. (For all the other fields and German words, find a dictionary below.)

To actually make a contract with a gas provider you will need the number of your gas meter. It is visibly written on it.


Postleitzahlpostal code
Nur Biogas- oder Klimatarifeonly eco-friendly tariffs
Nutzung: Privat / Gewerblichif it’s for private use or for a business (e.g. an office)
Bonus einbrechnenif bonuses of the tariffs shall be included in the calculation
Sofortbonusinstant bonus
neu berechnenrecalculate (click after every edit)

In the following list, you see the best gas providers, sorted by annual price (so the estimated price for the whole year). Click on weiter to pick a company.

(Can’t see the table? Click this link. *)

Hope that helps, if I missed something feel free to ask in the comments!

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