Electric Scooter Sharing Compared
Circ electric scooter

Circ scooter

In June 2019 they became legal in Germany – and immediately a number of sharing companies popped up: Circ, Lime, Tier – here I compare them, and you can get some coupons and vouchers for free rides.

It took a while until the new law passed, because as you know, in Germany things have to be regulated.. but now they are legal: small electric scooters!

What is allowed?

Lime electric scooter

Lime scooter

Let’s start with some legal facts:

  • No riding on sidewalks or pedestrian zones! You have to use bike paths, or if there are none: the street.
  • Minimum age to ride: 14
  • Only 1 person per e-scooter
  • No helmet needed
  • Max speed: 20km/h
  • Don’t drink and ride: Alcohol level limits like for cars (>21 years: 0.05%, <21 years: no alcohol at all)
Tier electric scooter

Tier scooter

How to rent an e-scooter?

For every company, you need to install their app (links in the table). Within the app, register with you phone number. You will be then asked for a debit/credit card number (Visa/Mastercard). (If you don’t have one: Here’s an overview of free German credit cards.)

Once registered, you will see a map of Berlin, with available e-scooters on it. Walk to such a scooter, scan its code and start the rental.

Current operators in Berlin

As the E-Scooter companies keep coming and going, find an updated list of Scooter sharing operators on ExpatWiki.org.

List of E-Scooter Sharing Operators in Berlin (+Free rides) on ExpatWiki.org

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