EnQu is one of my favourite electricity providers as they are fairly cheap even without welcome bonuses. Here’s a walkthrough of the order form with screenshots and translations.

Before you start

Make sure you have your Electricity meter ID (Zählernummer). It is always written on your electricity meter, sometimes you can also find it in your rental contract.

First, go to the website of EnQu:

Go to EnQu website*

1. Enter your postal code

EnQu Electricity Signup Form 1

2. Enter your consumption estimation

EnQu Electricity Signup Form 2

3. Pick your contract

EnQu Electricity Signup Form 3

4. Enter your personal data

EnQu Electricity Signup Form 4

5. Enter your payment data

Here you choose between

  • Direct debit (Bankeinzug): EnQu will automatically deduct the monthly fee from your bank account.
  • Manual transfers (Überweisung): You need to pay the monthly rate to EnQu yourself by manual bank transfers.
EnQu Electricity Signup Form 5

Go to EnQu website*

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