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Until July 31st you have time to file your tax return – and Wundertax makes this all much easier for you: with an English-speaking online form.

Wundertax* offers their service to employed people (regular or mini-job). They’ve translated the whole form for your tax refund into English and made a website of it – including some automatic-proof reading.

So you can fill out all the sections with an English translation – and only the parts you need (and tick the checkbox) will be shown to you. Here’s a screenshot:

Wundertax English Form

Wundertax English Form

They’ve also made an English explainer video guiding you through all the steps.

What’s great about it: It’s free to register and use their calculator to check if you are eligible for a tax return at all, and how high it will be. Only if you then decide to file it, you pay the price of 34.90€.

So you can give it a try without paying anything at first – also to simply update your German tax vocabulary. 😉

Register for free at Wundertax*

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