One of the first things to arrange after arriving  in a new country is a local SIM card. As a foreigner, you might be especially interested in the offer of simquadrat.

simquadrat offers you a SIM card with a German landline number. This is very convenient if people call you from outside Germany because the rates for calling a landline number are usually just a fraction of the ones for calling a mobile number. [1]

Besides, simquadrat’s rates are not really higher than on other prepaid cards:

  • 9 Eurocent/min for calls to Germany (landline or mobile)
  • 9 Eurocent for SMS to Germany
  • 10 EUR for 1GB Internet per month

What’s even better: When being abroad in the EU, no roaming costs apply for the first 30 days (excl. Internet). This means: people can call your German number without you paying anything during the call. And you can keep calling German numbers for 9 Eurocent.

Here is the site to order the simquadrat SIM card.

  1. Take for instance Skype: Calling a German landline number costs you 0.50 Eurocent, a mobile number 5.2 Eurocent per minute.

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