That selfie stick for 5 EUR? Or this smartphone case for 4? Order them on Ebay and wait 4 weeks for the delivery from Asia – or get both and more at Dong Xuan Center, for the same price.

Electronic Gadgets
Electronic Gadgets

We all know how Ebay and Amazon rolled up the world market, especially on technology and gimmicks: What used to be delivered in several steps from Asia to Europe via various salespeople, with every link in the chain adding up their margin – today it can be ordered directly from Asia, via one of the famous websites.

The only hurdle that remains is: Usually long delivery time. And you can’t see the product with your own eyes before. Plus some hassle when you want to return it.

At Berlin’s Dong Xuan Center, you will find virtually the whole Ebay choice not only on your screen, but live. OK, maybe not the whole – but the exaggeration is not too far-fetched.

Hall number 8, 200 meters long

Dong Xuan market consists of 8 big halls of almost 200 meters length, every one with a hallway stretching from one end to the other, and various shops aligned on the left an right side. These offer:

  • electronics
  • clothes
  • cosmetics
  • nail studios
  • hair stylists
  • household / kitchen items
  • bicycle accessories (locks, lights)
  • groceries, especially Asian
Nail Studio in Dong Xuan
Nail Studio in Dong Xuan
Household items / bicycle accessories / gift shop

For instance, the last time I went, among others I’ve got there a wallet, bicycle lights and a selfie stick / tripod set – for the same price as at a Hongkong-based Ebay reseller.

Opening Hours & Directions

Dong Xuan center is opened daily from 10-20h but closed Tuesdays!

It is located located in Lichtenberg, right in front of the tram stop Herzbergstr./Industriegebiet, passed by

  • line M8, connecting with Alexanderplatz and the Ringbahn at Landsberger Allee
  • line 21, connecting with Friedrichshain / Frankfurter Tor

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