As many search queries from all over Germany reach my article about Sunday grocery shopping in Berlin, many of you are probably also looking for other cities. So here’s my service for all of you in Munich. 🙂

The following supermarkets in Munich open also on Sundays:

NameLocationopening hours
EdekaHauptbahnhof (main station)8-23
Rewe To GoHauptbahnhof (main station)never closes
biokultur BiomarktHauptbahnhof (main station)8-21
dm (chemist, also with some food)Ostbahnhof (east station)8-23
Rewe To GoLeopoldstr. 208never closes
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There is also a Google map of all these supermarkets:

Have I forgotten a supermarket? Then please leave me a comment! 🙂

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