In the previous overview article, you could read about the differences between public and private health insurance options in Germany. If you decided for a private healthcare option, you can find here your ideal one.

The rates in a private option are very individual and depend highly on your age and gender on the one hand, and on the other on the particular coverage options you want. Therefore I’ve included a form of TarifCheck24* where you enter your details and then receive an individual offer.

Below the form, you can find an English-German dictionary with the most important terms used.


Here’s a dictionary for the German terms in it:

ja / nein / egalyes / no / does not matter
Maximale Selbstbeteiligung pro Jahrmaximum deductible per year
Krankentagegeld pro Tagdaily sickness allowance per day
Krankentagegeld abdaily sickness allowance from which day on
Zusatzleistungenextra services
Mindesterstattung von ZahnbehandlungMinimum refund on dental treatment
Mindesterstattung von ZahnersatzMinimum refund on dental prostheses (crowns, implants)
Erstattung von Sehhilfen (Brillen und Kontaktlinsen usw.) bis zurefund on visual aids (glasses, lenses) up to
privatärztliche Behandlungprivate care treatment
Unterbringung im Krankenhausaccommodation in the hospital (what bedroom type)
Krankenhaustagegeld pro Taghospital allowance per day
Chefarztbehandlungtreatment by head doctor / chief practitioner
Familienstand / Anzahl Kindermarital status / number of children
Berufsstatusprofessional status (as a freelancer, put here “Selbständiger”)
Jährliches Mindesteinkommenannual minimum income (only relevant for employees)

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