In the previous overview article, you could read about the differences between public and private health insurance options in Germany. If you decided for a private healthcare option, you can find here your ideal one.

The rates in a private option are very individual and depend highly on your age and gender on the one hand, and on the other on the particular coverage options you want. Therefore I’ve included a form of TarifCheck24* where you enter your details and then receive an individual offer.

Below the form, you can find short explanations of some of the terms used in the form.

In the last step, the form will also ask you for your name and contact details – but don’t worry, you are not signing any contract or ordering an insurance option. This is just to send you your individual offer, as health insurance offer are usually very specific, depending on a person.

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Maximum deductible per year
The deductible is the amount of healthcare costs that you will have to pay yourself. Only for costs above the deductible, you health insurance will pay. You can of course choose “0 Euro” but then your monthly rates will be high. The higher the deductible, the lower your monthly rates.
Daily sickness allowance
If you are self-employed or a freelancer, then you can get paid a sickness allowance by your private health insurance for every day that you can’t work because of your sickness. This way you can compensate a possible loss of earnings. Choose 0 if you want to keep your monthly rates low.
Sickness allowance from
In case you’ve chosen a sickness allowance, tell here from which day of you sickness you want to get it paid.
Minimum reimbursement of dental treatment
Everything regarding services at your dentist. If you want full coverage, also for dental fillings, choose 100%
Minimum reimbursement of dentures
Things like crowns, implants.
Refund of visual aids
Only relevant if you wear glasses.
private medical treatment
Some medical services are only available to privately insured patients. Choose yes if you also want these benefits.
Hospital daily allowance
Similar to the sickness allowance, you can also get paid an allowance in case you need to be in a hospital. This shall cover you extra costs like travel expenses for family members etc.
Chief physician treatment
If you want to make sure to be treated by the chief physician.
Annual minimum income above € 59,400
If you’re not self-employed, a freelancer or a college student, you must earn at least this amount per year to be allowed to get a private health insurance option. Otherwise you can only go to a public health insurance.

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