Berlin is famous for its ubiquitous fast food, especially DΓΆner kebap places you can find at any corner. But there are also a lot of cheap pizza places – and here is a map with them: Where to get big, round (Ø 26cm) pizzas for 3.50 EUR max.

Thanks to the suggestions of the fine people on the Facebook group Free Advice Berlin, I could extend the six places I knew to currently 24 on the map. Thanks again! πŸ™‚

Open map in new window

How to add new places

Add by search and type

  • In the search bar, enter the name of the place or its address.
  • As you type, suggestions will appear.
  • Choose the place or the address from the suggestions.
  • A marker will be put on the map, with a bubble box above.
  • In the bubble box, click on “Add to map”.

Add by directly putting a marker

  • Zoom the map to the place you want to add.
  • Below the search bar, select the marker.
  • Click on the map to put the marker there.

Reminder: I know there are a lot of nice other pizza places, selling tasty, fresh mini-pizza or very good, more expensive pizza. But this map remains only useful if it’s clear what to find on it. And this map is for round (Ø 26cm) pizzas for 3.50 EUR max. πŸ™‚

But maybe I’ll do another map with other, not-so-easy-to-find fast food. If you have any idea, please drop a comment below!

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