Berlin is famous for its ubiquitous fast food, especially Döner kebap places you can find at any corner. But there are also a lot of cheap pizza places – and here is a map with them: Where to get big, round (Ø 26cm) pizzas for 3.50 EUR max.

Thanks to the suggestions of the fine people on the Facebook group Free Advice Berlin, I could extend the six places I knew to currently 24 on the map. Thanks again! 🙂

Open the Cheap Pizza map

Order on Ebay – or Visit Dong Xuan Market

That selfie stick for 5 EUR? Or this smartphone case for 4? Order them on Ebay and wait 4 weeks for the delivery from Asia – or get both and more at Dong Xuan Center, for the same price. Read more

🇵🇱 Save 50% on cheap cigarettes in Poland (3 hours round trip)

Germany might not be the most expensive country for smokers – but Poland is definitely cheaper. You can save roughly 50% on buying there instead buying in Berlin. And from Berlin, Poland is close: Here I will tell you how to get there in a 3-hours-round-trip! Read more

㉖ N26: Free Bank with English Support + MasterCard

There are many free bank accounts in Germany – but the new N26 (previously known as Number26) might be the best one: English interface and phone support, free Mastercard & free money withdrawal in the Eurozone, and a nice mobile phone app for managing banking. Read more

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