Need your online ticket on paper? Or a document to show it to some authorities? You’re lucky if you have your own printer, otherwise you need to go to a copy shop. And often enough, they charge a high basic fee for printing digital documents. Not so Zeccer.

Zeccer is a Polish company just now expanding to Germany: Their service is simple:

  • Go on their website.
  • Choose one of their printers in your city. They cooperate with various shops, often close to universities.
  • Upload your documents.
  • Pay by credit card. (Don’t have one? Here’s a list of free German credit cards.)
  • Go to the printer and pick up your printouts.

Easy, right? And until the end of September, they have a welcome offer: Print your first 20 pages for free. Just use the code #HELLOBERLIN (in Leipzig: #HELLOLEIPZIG).

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