Germany might not be the most expensive country for smokers – but Poland is definitely cheaper. You can save roughly 50% on buying there instead buying in Berlin. And from Berlin, Poland is close: Here I will tell you how to get there in a 3-hours-round-trip!

The ticket

We will go by train to Frankfurt/Oder and then by bus to Słubice, Poland. Which ticket to buy highly depends on what ticket you already you have and how many people of you are going. The best price per person you will get with a group of 5, using the Brandenburg-Berlin-Ticket*.

Ticket to buyPrice
1 person,
having no other ticket
Day ticket
5555 Berlin – 6073 Slubice
19,20 EUR
1 person,
having already Berlin ABC (students!)
Day ticket
5762 Fangschleuse – 6073 Slubice
16,40 EUR
2-5 people,
having no other ticket
Brandenburg-Berlin-Ticket*29 EUR
(=5,80 EUR
per person)

Get any of these tickets at a ticket machine – or the Brandenburg-Berlin-Ticket* online.

The trip

The following connection works every hour – even on weekends! (Some minutes may vary though, better check the online timetable before your trip.)

Getting there

RE 1 to Frankfurt/Oder, get on at any stop
Berlin Zoologischer Garten18:15
Berlin Hauptbahnhof18:21
Berlin Friedrichstraße18:25
Berlin Alexanderplatz18:28
Berlin Ostbahnhof18:33
Bus 983 to Słubice, Poland
Frankfurt/Oder Bahnhof19:40
Słubice, Collegium Polonicum
(first stop after the bridge)
Bus 983 to Słubice, Poland
Bus 983 to Słubice, Poland

Returning to Berlin

Bus 983 to Frankfurt/Oder Bahnhof (station)
Słubice, Plac Frankfurcki
(different stop than the one we arrived!)
Frankfurt/Oder Bahnhof20:18
RE 1 to Brandenburg
Berlin Ostbahnhof20:26
Berlin Alexanderplatz21:32
Berlin Friedrichstraße21:35
Berlin Hauptbahnhof21:39
Berlin Zoologischer Garten21:45

The cigarette stores

Right after the border, you will find a massive number of shops selling cigarettes. Choose any you like, the shops differ less by prices but more by variety.

Slubice map

  1. The bus stop where you arrive
  2. Some bigger cigarette stores (opened 24h)
  3. The bus stop where you depart

At the shops, you can also pay in Euro (the Polish currency is still złoty). The shops calculate their prices daily based on the exchange rate and show them on LED panels outside, like gas stations the fuel price.

Cigarettes shop

LED panels with prices

24h opened

The math

Let’s see how much we can save. By law, one person is allowed to carry 800 cigarettes when passing an inner EU border. That is 4 cartons of cigarettes (each carton having 10 packages).

1 carton4 cartons
(1 person)
20 cartons
(5 people)
Galouises, bought in Germany53 EUR212 EUR1060 EUR
Galouises, bought in Poland28 EUR112 EUR560 EUR
Ticket19,20 EUR29 EUR
Saved:80,80 EUR471 EUR

As you see, going with many people not only saves some of the fare but does also make the trip much more profitable.

Bring your ID / passport

Although Poland is part of the Schengen Area where no regular border control occurs anymore, some sporadic checks still happen – so better carry your identity card or passport to avoid any hassle.

That’s it! If you know anything better than I wrote in this article, feel free to comment below. 🙂

Links marked with a star (*) are affiliate links. If you click on such a link and then shop or order something, we will receive a commission for your purchase with which we can cover our expenses and keep the site free of ads. This does not change the price for you.

And a little catch: The Brandenburg-Berlin-Ticket is only valid after 9 am – but I guess that’s not a big problem.

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