Free Bank Accounts With Bonuses

Your bank accounts makes you pay fees? Well, there are ones that even pay out bonuses! Make up to 100 € just by opening and using them. See here a list of the best free German bank accounts with bonuses.

I’ve already compared free German bank accounts, but if you look carefully on that table, you see some accounts not only being free but also paying out bonuses! In this article, I look into the details about these bonuses, in particular which conditions you need to fulfil to actually get them paid out.

So here it comes: First the table, then the details. To open one of the bank accounts, click Go to bank in the table.

Free German Bank Accounts Comparison Table

(Can’t see the table? Click this link. *)

How to get the bonuses

norisbank Top-Girokonto

Bonus: 100 € (until 30 September 2019)

  • You must use the Account change service (Kontowechsel-Service) of norisbank and inform at least 5 payment partners (salary, pension, rent, internet provider, insurance, etc.) to use your new Norisbank account.
  • You had no Girokonto at norisbank within the last 12 months.

Go to Norisbank*

ING Girokonto

Bonus: 75 €

  • You need to receive 2 consecutive payments (e.g. salary, pension) of minimum 1000 € each within the first 4 months.
  • You will receive the bonus on your free savings account that you will get together with the current account.

Go to ING*

comdirect Girokonto

Bonus: 50 €

  • Within the first 3 months, make or receive at least 5 payments of minimum 25 € (withdrawal, pay-in, salary, pension, rent, phone provider)
  • Payments to or from yourself (e.g. another bank account of you) do not count.
  • You were no customer of comdirect during the last 6 months.

Go to comdirect*

Commerzbank Vorteilskonto

Bonus: 100 €

  • You need to make or receive at least 5 payments of minimum 25 €. Can be: salary, pensions, rent, phone provider etc,
  • Payments to or from yourself (e.g. another bank account of you) do not count.
  • You had no account at Commerzbank during the last 24 months.

Wüstenrot Top Giro

Bonus: 50 € (until 30 June 2019)

  • During 3 consecutive months, you need to make or receive payments in sum of at least 1000 € / month. Can be: salary, pension.
  • The first of these payments needs to arrive 2 months after account opening.
  • You need to make or receive at least 7 transactions per month (can be: cash withdrawals, transfers)
  • Payments to or from yourself (e.g. another bank account of you) or private persons do not count.
  • No immediate disposal (i.e.: paying out) of more than 50% of that money.

1822MOBILE Girokonto

Bonus: 25 € (until 31 July 2019)

  • Within the first 4 months, you need to receive at least 4 transactions each month of 25 € each. Can be: salary, rent, card payments, direct debits.
  • Cash withdrawals and payments to or from yourself (e.g. another bank account of you) do not count.

Want to open one of these accounts? Go to the table and then click Go to bank.

Extra: Postbank Giro extra plus

Bonus: up to 300 € (coupons and cash)

First of all: This account is only free if there are at least 3000 € of incoming payments per month. Otherwise, there is a monthly fee of 9.90 €.

Here, most of the bonuses are paid out as BestChoice coupons. With these universal coupons you can go shopping at over 200 companies, like

  • IKEA
  • clothing (Foot locker, H&M, zalando)
  • cinemas (CineStar, Cineplexx, CinemaxX)
  • Rossmann
  • travel (Condor, Opodo)

and many more. Read more here how to redeem them.

The coupons will arrive in your online bank account mailbox, at the latest 3 months after you fulfilled their particular condition.

How to get them:

  • You receive a 100 € coupon for successful registration.
  • Another 100 € coupon comes for active usage, meaning:
    • Within first 6 months, you make or receive during 3 consecutive months at least 6 payments per month (salary, rent, other direct debits).
    • Card payments and cash withdrawals do not count.
  • Another 50 € coupon comes for opening a broker account and ordering shares of at least 500 EUR each within first 3 months.
  • Another 50 € paid out directly to your account for successful recommendation to a friend.
  • Conditions for all bonuses:
    • You are at least 22 years old.
    • Within the last 12 months, you had no private current account at Postbank.
    • You are not an employee of Deutsche Bank Group.

Go to Postbank Giro extra plus account*

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