If you need a visa to study in Germany, you often also need a blocked account (Sperrkonto), to prove that you have enough funds to sustain yourself while living and studying in Germany. Here I compare the cheapest offers for German blocked accounts.

What is a Blocked Account?

A blocked account is a special type of bank account that

  1. requires you to initially pay in a big sum that will cover your spending for a whole year. Currently, this is minimum 8700 €
  2. then allows you to withdraw every month only 1/12 of it, i.e. 725 €

Comparison of Blocked Accounts

There are two online offers for blocked accounts that I know of: Fintiba* and Expatrio*.

If you only order a blocked account from them, you pay the following fees – but read below the table, both also offer packages together with health insurance that make the whole thing cheaper!

Initial fee89€49€
Monthly fee4.90€5€
Go to Fintiba*Go to Expatrio Blocked Account*

Cheaper with a Package: Blocked Account, Health Insurance, ISIC card …

As a foreign student, you usually do not only need a blocked bank account, but also health insurance:

  • incoming health insurance if you arrive before the semester starts (e.g. on September 1st)
  • public student health insurance after the German semester has begun (e.g. on October 1st)

And both Fintiba and Expatrio offer packages with both a blocked account and health insurance that make the whole thing cheaper. Especially with Expatrio, you can bring the registration fee down to 0€, effectively only paying the monthly fees.

Fintiba Plus

Fintiba’s package Fintiba’s Plus comes with a travel and incoming health insurance for max. 48 months and is automatically cancelled once the semester starts and you are enrolled in a public health insurance. Additionally, you receive an ISIC student card for 3 years.

Expatrio Value package

Expatrio’s Value package gives you an incoming health insurance, too, this one valid for max. 180 days (~6 months). Different to Fintiba, you get the first month for free.

Additionally, Expatrio gives you:

  • a current bank account from Monese (free for the first 12 months, then 4.95€). If you want to stay free, consider then switching to another free German bank account
  • a free liability insurance for 1 year
  • a free ISIC student card for 1 year

See here both compared side-by-side:

Fintiba Plus*Expatrio Value package*, limited offer with voucher code FREEBA19
Initial fee89€0€
Blocked account monthly fee4.90€5€
Current account–Monese Plus Plan: free for the first 12 months (then 4.95€/month)
Incoming Health Insurance (if you arrive before semester starts)from Mawista, 48 month maxfrom Dr. Walter, 180 days max
Cost of Incoming Health Insurance33.10€/monthfree for first 31 days (if you need it longer, then 33€)
Public Health Insurancefrom DAK, ~95€/monthfrom TK, ~95€/month
Liability insurance–free in first year, cancelled automatically
ISIC cardfree for 3 yearsfree in first year, cancelled automatically
Sum of one-time costs
  • 89€ for blocked account registration
  • 95€ for travel insurance
  • -110€ cashback
  • =74€
(limited offer with voucher code FREEBA19)
Sum of monthly costs
  • 4.90€ for blocked account
  • before semester starts: 33.10€ for private incoming health insurance, after semester starts: ~95€ for public health insurance
  • 5€ for blocked account
  • before semester starts: 0€ for 1 month private incoming health insurance, after semester starts: ~95€ for public health insurance
Go to Fintiba*Go to Expatrio Value package*

Something left unanswered? Then feel free to ask in the comments!

Links marked with a star (*) are affiliate links. If you click on such a link and then shop or order something, I will receive a commission for your purchase. This does not change the price for you.

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