Your bank account in Austria costs you fees? There is no English support? There is no free Visa or Mastercard included? This can’t go on! Find here the best free Austrian bank accounts.

Unlike in Germany, the number of free bank accounts in Austria is a bit lower. Yet there are some, and just below you find a constantly updated overview table.

Most of these bank accounts are online accounts, meaning that you do not need to go to a branch but can do all of the application right from home – via your webcam (Video-Ident), or you walk to the next Post office (Post-Ident).

After the table follows some more detailed review.

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N26: English support, free withdrawing + Mastercard

The main asset of N26* is its language support: They officially speak English, so you will always find a clerk that you can communicate with – unlike with other banks who might find you an English speaker for opening the account but will fall back into German in case some problems arise.

The is also no fee for running the account, even no regular incoming payments are required.

You also get free money withdrawals at any ATMs up to 3 times per month, plus free Mastercard payments worldwide – so it’s a good account also for travelling.

I’m using N26 myself for now more than 2 years, so I wrote up a long-term review, and I also made a video summing it all up:

One catch though: With N26, you will receive a German IBAN, not an Austrian one. However, this should not be a problem since within SEPA, transactions are required by law to work fee-free.

Open a N26 account*

DKB Cash: Now also in Austria

My favourite and also my personal bank account (for 9 years now!) is now available in Austria, too. With DKB Cash, you get

  • free banking
  • free money withdrawals (even worldwide, as an active customer)
  • free Visa credit card
  • and also a free broker account *.

One minus: Until now, only German interface and customer support in German.

Read my detailed review here.

Open a DKB Cash account*

How to open an Austrian bank account

When opening an online bank account, the bank needs to check your identity. Since online banks have no branches, they have 2 options: Video-Ident or Post-Ident.

With Video-Ident, you will have a Webcam conversation with a clerk. During the conversation, you will hold your ID document into the camera (ID card or passport) and screenshots will be made/

With Post-Ident, you will receive a form per mail or PDF that you need to print a fill you. With the form, you walk into a post office and show the clerk your form and your ID and they will verify you.

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